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Charnwood Forest Nursery

Charnwood Forest Nursery located in Loughborough aims to provide high quality care and education for all children.

Speech Language & Communication

At Charnwood Forest Nursery we have skilled, trained staff in the communication and language programme ‘Every child’s a talker’ this is to develop a child’s language, speech, communication and listening skills within our setting in a welcoming, calm, and quiet area.  

We Identify the children who would benefit from these short ECAT sessions and use this to support the children in our setting, this is particularly effective for children where English is additional language, nonverbal children and children that are shy and just need a little support in smaller groups.  

We have found in our settling this strategy works extremely well and helps children to have a fantastic start in our setting and develop skills they need to further develop. 

We monitor each child’s development using the monitoring tool every term, this shows staff the progress each child is making and contributes to the child’s next steps.