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Charnwood Forest Nursery

Charnwood Forest Nursery located in Loughborough aims to provide high quality care and education for all children.

Physical Health

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, our provision is based around children getting off to an Active Start. This is done by learning through free play, early movement sessions and musical and movement sessions.  

Our free play areas have a variety of pieces of equipment to develop physical literacy including, climbing frames, balance bikes, peddle scooters and fine and gross motor skill learning equipment. 

Our early years practitioners follow a non-sports specific fun games approach through the Horizon Programme. Children are guided through lessons in balance, movement, throwing, catching, dribbling and striking on a weekly basis. During these lessons, children are observed and assessed to track physical literacy progress and given awards to feel a sense of pride in the skills that they are learning. 

We are lucky to have a Musical movement session twice a month for our children, this is provided by a skilled company providing sessions that support all areas of the EYFS. 

We are also currently under going ‘The healthy tots’ programme which again supports all children’s physical and emotional well-being through a whole setting approach.