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Charnwood Forest Nursery

Charnwood Forest Nursery located in Loughborough aims to provide high quality care and education for all children.

Outdoor Environment

At Charnwood Forest Nursery we understand that outdoor play is essential for children’s wellbeing and development we have created outdoor space’s that create awe and wonder for all children when playing and exploring in all weathers.

We have every area well planned out to meet all individual needs of all our children and we are forever developing the areas to make it more challenging and inviting for all ages. 

Outdoor play supports children’s physical health and wellbeing as children don’t just love outdoor play for fun, they are learning all the time! Outdoor play supports children’s mathematical concepts and language which they will later need in the next stages of development. Outdoor play brings that little more excitement to children when learning new skills as they can for fill unique learning opportunities that may only be possible when playing outside with natural objects. Natural objects bring more curiosity and open-ended experiences.  

We have many zoned areas of our garden that brings something special, challenging, and enjoyable for everyone. Our garden is sectioned into four sections which allows each section to bring something new, to challenge children’s ability to learn new skills: 

The first section is all about imagination and creativity, by enabling the children to use this part of the garden we are allowing children to take a role in their play, to build friendships and to allow them to entre a world that they have created purely from their imagination! We have wooden vehicles to travel the world in, a large mud kitchen to create stunning creations in, a lovely sensory stimulating water area along with much more exciting zones!                                                                         

Next, we have our adventure land zone were children show courage and determination when able to climb on all kinds of wooden equipment, tree swings combined with a giant water slide or simply go relax in a hammock reading their favourite story in our outdoor cosy zone which has been designed to be less visually distracting, calming and inviting .  

Furthermore, we have our ball area which is a spacious part of our garden were children can go ride on a bike or kick a football around. Children get to learn amazing new skills such as roller skating, team building exercises, bowling, tennis and much more. 

Lastly, we have a lovely forest school area, which children are engaged and challenged in their own interests. We learn how to be creative and imaginative around our pretend fires, whilst learning how to cook from foods we have grown in our allotment. Children get to explore all their senses by being able to touch, feel and smell the natural world around them. In forest school we teach them how to care for the planet and look after the animals through carefully thought-out exciting challenges, that will later help children to thrive in their next stages of development. Whilst attending forest school sessions, children can develop fine and gross motor movements using our woodwork area, this is an area where children are taught about taking risks safely and apparently using real tools as children are able to create their own wooden toys.